My name is Agustina and my friends call me Tati.
I am obsessed with trash and I am crazy about plastic. I have worked for many years to recover this wasted treasure.

I am from Argentina and I’ve been living in New York for about 5 years, where I’ve studied sustainability and run a community recycling center that managed +30,000 cans and bottles a day. I am also a great advocate and believer in circular economy.

The Unplastify team is formed by a group of amazing women, also crazy about plastic waste.



Agustina Besada, Navigator

Agustina Besada,

Rocio Gonzalez, Argentine Team

Rocio Gonzalez,
Argentine Team

Miryam Shemwell, US Team

Miryam Shemwell,
US Team

Tais Gadea Lara, Media

Tais Gadea Lara,


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